Talking Faces Review Real Humans and Real Voices …

TalkingFaces is a cloud based application, that permits you to get genuine entertainers that read whatever you type or talk with amazing lip sync. You can compose a script and have a genuine human read the content in a genuine voice. You can change the appearance of the entertainers, face swap, add a source of inspiration and overlay them on essentially any website page.

So What is TalkingFaces?

TalkingFaces will assist you with making your own custom-looking humatar and cover them as representatives over any website page. Use these human characters to construct more custom human characters for any necessity and superimpose them over any website page with opt-in forms, buttons, and custom links.

The individual behind this amazing first-to-showcase genuine humantar maker is Todd gross. Some of his top items are video snatcher, video builder, video jeet, automation bundle, and lots more.

You can make your custom representative in minutes. Simply pick a human, facial characteristic, and style. Then, at that point, use TTS or transfer your voice in any language and edit your call to action, settings, countdown, buttons, and any page URL.

How Does Does TalkingFaces work?

here is a simple and easy guide.Lets dive right into it.

1: First Login

2: Click to Select your character

Now you can select your Humatar that will talk on your web platform. Put your script and it will automatically generate a voice for you.

3: set up and test.

1: Pick your humatar 2: Pic the voice you want to use 3: inter script

Here you can customize your humatar setting, just change the position, the volume, and other things. after you have all your settings put a name for your project.

Then click on create button bellow the video to render the TalkingFace.

Will TalkingFace App Work For me?

Sure TalkingFace works for everyone, TalkingFaces is the primary market all-in-one addressing humantar software that supports virtually every character in developing their business by engaging ten times more traffic and engagements. Works for:

  • Online Marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Products & Services Providers
  • Business proprietors
  • Merchants
  • Creator
  • Enterprisers
  • Video Editor & Marketers
  • Influencers
  • Content Producers
  • Agency Partners
  • Any Professional

Meet your, actors.


  • Excellent quality humatars
  • Create more custom human characters for any need
  • Build your own custom looking humatar and overlay them as spokespeople over any web page.


  • Its a little pricy to get all the upgrades but I think its well worth it.



  • No Reface/Faceswap feature – You can’t face swap faces.
  • 6 Talking Faces
  • 5 Human Voices
  • No credits required
  • Personal license


There are upgrades you can add on

1: TalkingFaces Pro

Price – $47 (One Time)

  • 47 Actors and future actors (with outfits included – Multiple outfits that fit all niches like a nurse, doctor, business outfits, gym outfits, etc.)
  • 50 Extra PRO Real Human Voices
  • 141 Previews (47 talking faces x 3 previews each)
  • Unlimited Faces For Reface – Create Unlimited Faces
  • Future TalkingFaces for one year

2: TalkingFaces Enterprise

Price – $67 (One Time)

Upload any voice OR your voice / ANY audio in ANY language (your voice is synchronized with perfect lip-syncing on TalkingFaces)

  • Re-facing, upload any photo for up to 70% re-facing
  • Up to 2,000 characters for longer TalkingFaces videos.
  • Hide TalkingFaces Branding
  • Priority VIP rendering
  • Priority Future Software Updates
  • HD Quality Humatars

3: Todd’s Voice

Price –$97 (One Time)

  • EXCLUSIVELY for TalkingFaces
  • The Voice of Todd Gross – Professional Voice Over & Emmy Award-Winning Talent! 
  • Unlimited use of the Synthetic Voice of Todd Gross inside TalkingFaces ONLY!

4: Agency

Price –$47 (One Time)


  • Limited Sub-user accounts


  • Unlimited Sub-Accounts For Your Clients
  • DFY Website
  • How to Get Clients


As I previously stated, TalkingFaces will support you to build your own custom looking humatar and cover them as spokespeople over any web page. Use these human characters to build more custom human characters for any requirement and superimpose them over any webpage with opt-in forms, buttons, You get all the features that will help you determine the product and make a smart choice.

You Can Get it here<<<


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