3 Basic Tools Needed to Run Your Online Business

3 Basic Tools Needed to Run Your Online Business

Starting a business is an extreme challenge. You may think you have everything planned out. Yet, entrepreneurs know that roadblocks will always emerge along the way. As an entrepreneur, it’s important that you find the right tools and a solid team that can help you handle any setback.

From building your brand to engaging with your clients, the right tools can help entrepreneurs and their teams increase productivity, free up time, and provide a better customer experience. Leveraging them to the fullest can sometimes be the difference between success and failure.

We’ve compiled a list of The most essential tools you need to start and grow your business,

Domain name and Hosting

What I use for my own business is GoDaddy for my domains and I use HostGator for my Hosting, GoDaddy. I think is the best place to start looking for a domain name, you have to make a presence online, They have a great reputation and customer service. Host Gator has a great Dashboard tool that is easy to set up and navigate around it is a no-brainer for beginners.


Everyone has to send emails if you’re an online marketer. So what I use is Getresponse. I love this tool because it will handle anything I need it for. Relatively inexpensive and yes there is a free version so you can start with nothing at first (with limits). I wrote a blog about Getresponse you can go here to check it out for more details on how it works. This app has everything you need to succeed: landing pages, Funnels, Autoresponders, Webinars, and more.


BuildReditrcts is a Click & Conversion Tracking Software this Is For ALL Marketers. If you’re an affiliate marketer, email marketer, blogger, website owner, media buyer, solo ads provider, digital product creator, or a small business owner. This controls the links and clicks. And is used by just about every entrepreneur out there. I think this one is my favorite program that I use and I wrote a blog on it as well check it out here.

So here are the 3 Tools I use daily I’m sure there are more, But these are the basic tools for the business. If you have any questions on any of these products please hit me up I’m always here to help.

Affiliate Disclosure: I may receive affiliate commissions if you make purchases after clicking links in this email or document.


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